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Perry County
Homeschool Hybrid

Sliding Scale


Combining the benefits of homeschooling and the individualized experience of private school.   Because homeschooling doesn't have to be done alone.

We are excited to share that a new non-traditional schooling opportunity is available through TVC starting in fall 2023. In-person teacher-led classes will take place 2x a week. Classes begin at 9:30 AM on Mondays and Wednesdays. Families can choose between a 3 or 4-hour schedule. An online portal with tools and resources to support and extend student learning during home instructional days is an optional addition. This program is designed for students 4-14 years old working at a K to 5th-grade academic level in literacy or mathematics.


High-Quality Instruction

Students receive personalized instruction based on their strengths, instructional gaps, and interests in a multi-age one-room schoolhouse environment. Students engage with the teacher through whole group, small group, and 1:1 lessons.

Homeschool Hybrid is for you if:

You value family time and want more.

You believe the traditional school day is too long for your child.

The idea of homeschooling alone is daunting or has become too stressful.

You want time to yourself to run errands or work part-time. 

Your child has a learning disability or is academically struggling with literacy or mathematics and you are unsure how to help. 

You want to introduce more structure into your child's homeschool experience.

You like the idea of a private school that individualizes instruction but can't afford the tuition.  

You want to give your child more consistent socialization with peers so lasting friendships can be made.

You want more involvement in your child's education than a traditional school can give.

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