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"Our daughter has been working with Mrs. Burchell for almost a year. When she started at the end of 2nd grade, our daughter was at a 1st grade reading level. She is now almost at her grade level, 3rd grade! We are amazed at the progress she has made over the past year! When reviewing our daughter's progress, Mrs. Burchell could barely contain her excitement. Her passion for helping kids improve their reading skills shines through. We couldn't be happier with her help and the progress our daughter has made!"

"Both of my daughters have worked with Ali through The Virtual Classroom and we could not recommend her enough! Ali's expertise in teaching reading and her rapport with our girls has made a lasting impact on their ability and interest in reading. Ali routinely keeps you up to date on your student's progress, gives suggestions for things to focus on at home, and is always available to answer questions. The virtual format has been beneficial with flexible scheduling tailored to your student's needs and ease of access."

"I still can't believe that an entire year of Kindergarten and a half year of first grade couldn't get Lincoln to learn his letters, but just a few months of working with you and he not only knew all his letters and sounds but was starting to read and write! I was nervous the virtual learning wouldn't work, but I was surprised how hands-on you made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Aaron has had such an incredible year for growth while working with you. Your passion for education has made an enormous mark on him! My anxiety has decreased because my son can finally read and I no longer have to worry about his future."

"I would like to take the time to thank you for the time you have put into Gage. He has come so far, I couldn't be more proud. He has started reading bedtime stories to his siblings and I have seen him open up more. I appreciate you and your time with him definitely did him good."

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