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About Us

What makes us different?

         Unfortunately, the chances are high that your child was taught reading, spelling, and math with ineffective practices and methods that don't align with research and how our brain learns. Your child's teacher isn't to blame. The issue is that most teacher preparation schools aren't teaching candidates what the research says and most school districts don't follow it. We have a systems problem in our country. Learn more about this on the reading side by researching educational journalist, Emily Hanford. Check out her numerous articles and new Podcast Sold a Story


   At The Virtual Classroom, instruction IS driven by decades of evidence-proven research and individualized student data. The science of reading, writing, and math research drives what I assess, what I teach, and how I teach it.      


     Individual student data drives my instructional focus. All students begin with a thorough diagnostic assessment that pinpoints instructional gaps and student needs. Parents receive a comprehensive data report before instruction begins and they can follow their child's growth with frequent progress monitoring data and teacher lesson reports.


     In addition, I am a certified K-6 elementary teacher and PK-12 reading specialist and am trained in structured literacy and multi-sensory math.

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